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Developing and delivering Business English courses

Course design

I develop and teach business English courses designed to meet the particular needs of companies and individuals.
My courses are interactive and based on a communicative approach. You learn through talking and doing, not from simply listening to the teacher.
My courses are designed to develop your knowledge and vocabulary and the core skills in speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing and listening.
My courses are specifically designed to develop your wider business skills.
I ensure your develop the language you need in your profession but also support you in developing the wider vocabulary for life outside of work.
Each course is designed against the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


I conduct a detailed needs analysis and ensure that clear learning objectives are in place for each lesson and the overall learning programme.
I monitor your progression carefully through regular progress checks. At the end of each set of ten lessons you receive a detailed profile of your strengths and areas for development against the CEFR levels.
I give honest and constructive feedback on your progress and how we can achieve our learning objectives.


I focus on delivering a high quality customer experience which aims to exceed your expectations. At the same time I make learning English fun and creative.
I have excellent technical knowledge of the English language and as a native speaker can introduce you to the idioms and expressions that make English so interesting.
I offer you a range of learning options. I have in depth experience of teaching one to one, in groups or online.
I have a fantastic range of resources I offer in support of my teaching. My resources cover all aspects of Business English.
I can access best practice text books and learning resources from across the industry.

Key benefits

Customer focused
Excellent value for money
An innovative and fun learning experience
Develop wider business skills
Clearly defined objectives