Giving you the confidence to choose the right qualification


The qualifications system in the UK is complex. It can be a confusing experience for a person of any age, planning to take a qualification. There are thousands of different qualifications available of all shapes and sizes and of varying degrees of quality. These qualifications are developed and delivered by a great variety of organisations. The picture is further complicated by the variety of bodies shaping or quality assuring the qualification system and providing funding, information and advice.

Some qualifications are cheap and cheerful; others require a major commitment of money and time. Some qualifications can be completed in a few weeks; others might take five years to complete. Qualifications can be hard to differentiate. Just as there might well be ten different brands of breakfast cereal on a supermarket shelf, you might be faced with a choice of ten qualifications in hairdressing, all at the same level, provided by different organisations.

Bizarrely we often apply less rigour to choosing a qualification than we do to choosing a car or holiday. Consider how much time you might invest assessing reviews of a particular hotel or model of car. In contrast we often rush choosing a qualification and make decisions on the basis of convenience and a general sense of 'it being in the right subject area.'

When you compare the impact a qualification can have on your life, this difference in approach does not make sense.

My book aims to deal with this issue and give you the tools to judge the quality of qualifications and learning providers. It allows you to cut through a complex marketplace and quickly and efficiently make informed choices. You do not need to be an expert on qualifications to do make these types of decision. The aim of my book is to give you sufficient knowledge to be able to identify high quality qualifications that suit your particular needs.