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My book, and the professional services I provide, equip you with the information you need to make effective decisions in selecting the right qualification. My vision is to give you the tools and information to act like a confident consumer rigorously pursuing both quality and value for money.

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My professional services:

To explain how best to select high quality qualifications and colleges
To provide your organisation with the expertise to develop high quality qualifications
To give your organisation the information you need to grow in a complex and competitive qualifications market
To review all aspects of quality in your organisation and develop best practice. This includes working to improve the management, learning environment, learning resources, supporting services and wider activities offered to learners.
To enable your organisation to meet regulatory demands quickly and efficiently

About me

Toby Higson Qualification Consumer

I work as an educational consultant on quality improvement projects with both colleges and qualification developers. I specialise on advising organisations on the quality of the qualifications, resources and services they offer and ensuring compliance to current government requirements.

I have 9 years experience working as a project manager in education and training. I have worked for Ofqual, Edexcel, Unilever and the Prince's Trust and a number of different schools colleges on a range of qualification and training initiatives.

I have successfully managed a wide range of projects. A cross section of these are listed below.

I project managed the development of the rules for the 14-19 Diploma, a major new qualification in England.
Project managed a range of vocational learning programmes for adult learners in Unilever factories across the UK. I also developed a European Training Intranet site for Unilever Managers.
I have conducted a 'quality review' of all aspects of a college's services to learners.
I have produced a wide range of fact sheets and other publications aiming to better explain the qualifications system to the UK public.
I have successfully managed a college's application to the Quality Assurance Agency to be inspected as a Highly Trusted Sponsor.
I have assessed the quality of over 250 Level 1 and Level 2 units in the Prince's Trust suite of qualifications for young people.
I have developed the blueprints for a range of qualifications including an MA in Business Management and a suite of Islamic for Finance Qualifications.
I have designed and delivered a range of courses and assessment opportunities for international students, including an intensive English grammar foundation course.
I have promoted ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) qualifications for schools, colleges and employers across England.
I have managed a range of initiatives designed to innovate how we regulate the qualifications system in England.
I have produced a wide range of research reports into the UK qualifications system.
I have a diverse range of experiences in supporting and coaching young adults with severe special needs.

What else do I like doing!

I am a very keen sportsman and have run marathons in London and Istanbul. I was captain of my university running team and continue to run half marathons on a regular basis.

I love football, going camping, trekking and the music of David Gray and Bruce Springsteen. I also have a strong interest in travel and my favourite trip to date has involved renting a car and driving from New York to San Francisco and back (via Seattle).