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An overview of the qualifications sytem in the UK

Learning providers

As a learner there are many different ways you can take a qualification. You can attend an evening class at your local college, learn in the workplace, study through an internet provider or via paper correspondence or take a skills test at a local test centre.

Follow the link below to get an overview of the many different ways you can take a qualification in the UK. The term learning provider is deliberately broad as it captures very different organisations including schools, colleges, universities, prisons, and employers of all sizes.

An overview of the different types of learning provider in the UK

The UK qualifications market offers learners a great choice of qualifications. These qualifications typically belong to a family of qualifications which share a number of common characteristics. Follow the link below for an overview of the main types of qualification offered in the UK.

An overview of the different types of qualifications available in the UK

The level of your qualification

The level of your qualification provides important information. It defines the level of difficulty and what the qualification will lead to. The qualification level is used by admission tutors, for example, to establish whether you have the right level of knowledge and skills to start a course at University.

There are a number of major qualification frameworks in the UK. To find out more about these different frameworks click on the link below.

An overview of the qualification frameworks in the UK

Qualifications In The UK by Toby Higson