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Quality finder

Qualification Consumer quality finder

My book and the professional services I offer are designed around a series of quality Indictors.

These quality Indicators are ways of quickly identifying quality in both qualifications and the organisations that teach qualifications.

These Indicators provide the basis of the advice and support I give to individuals and organisations

The Quality Indicators cover the following areas:

Good information
Fair and accurate assessment
The right level of difficulty
The price of your qualification
The reputation of your qualification
The certification of your qualification
Whether your qualification is regulated or quality assured
The resources provided in teaching the qualification
The wider resources provided by a college
The quality of teaching
Customer services, complaints and appeals

An example Quality Indicator: A good qualification should give you the following information:

Its purpose. What is the overall aim of the qualification?
What it can lead to. For example does it enable entry into a profession, or further or higher education?
How long it typically takes. How many 'guided learning hours' (GLH) does it take to complete? GLH will be explained later in this chapter.
The structure of units in a qualification and the different 'pathways of units' available.
Contact points. Where to go to for more information and advice.
Who owns the qualification? Remember this is the company that owns the qualification and is not necessarily the organisation that teaches you the qualification.
The 'learning providers 'who deliver the qualification.
How the different units are going to be assessed.
The qualification accreditation number (QAN)
The cost.